Comment 109 for bug 1040557

shinn (alexshinn) wrote :

I too have been affected. Very similar to spokeydokey. I installed ubuntu 32 bit on my NP700Z5C-S01UB and it worked great. It was my first taste of unity (since my old P4 computer couldnt handle it so i never upgraded from 10.10). It ran well with all default BIOS settings. Then i realized it was 32 bit and wanted 64 bit instead. Inserted 64 bit cd. Some kernel error popped up. I did the disk check option and after 2 hours it didnt seem to be doing anything so I powered it off with the button and never saw anything on it again. I pulled the bios battery and disconnected the main laptop battery but they did not work. I sent the laptop back for replacement with the cd still in it since i couldnt get it to eject.
I would LOVE to dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu on this machine but im not taking any chances. I can handle hdd memory lost but completely bricking the computer? No thank you.