Comment 107 for bug 1040557

Val (vk1266) wrote :

And just to clarify my point, I am not suggesting that Canonical or the Ubuntu team are responsible for this bug. It is the introduction of the UEFI that brought this new world in existence where some software bug can destroy a motherboard and brick a computer. For the folks like me who have lived with BIOS for decades, this is truly shocking. We never would have thought such thing would be possible so easily. We have known that a bug (or a Windows virus) can destroy the contents of a hard drive; for this reason, we have learned to always backup our data. For decades, we have been experimenting with stuff and we have known all along that a loss of hard disk contents, a kernel panic or a blue screen of death are basically the worst thing that can happen to you. This is no longer the case. It is truly a new world we now live in.

I fully realize I am off-topic. Before I shut up on this issue, I need to say one final thing. Canonical: for the sake of all innocent people who are about to brick their computers, not realizing the dangers of UEFI, please post an announcement on the Ubuntu download page about this bug affecting Samsung laptop users!