Comment 106 for bug 1040557

Val (vk1266) wrote :


There is much more to this bug than removing a file. Unless you don't care about your Samsung laptop, do NOT attempt installing Ubuntu on it until a reliable fix is available. You definitely do not want to turn your first Ubuntu experience into a disaster. This bug is *extremely* serious. Your laptop can get bricked and if that happens, your only recourse would be returning your laptop to the manufacturer for repair or to the store for exchange if you have such option.

A few people are currently looking into this problem. I am preparing to attempt Ubuntu installation on my Samsung laptop, following Steve Langasek's instructions in post #78 while my laptop is still under warranty. You will hear from me or other people in this thread on whether the suggested method works or not.

Personally I am very surprised that people at Canonical have not yet posted a warning message in huge red letters on the Ubuntu download page letting Samsung laptop owners about this bug. This bug shocks conscience of even seasoned computer users. Few people can expect that software, let alone software from a reputable company like Canonical, can render their computer lifeless so easily and stealthily.