Comment 104 for bug 1040557

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 03:11:37AM -0000, Val wrote:
> lsmod in Grub command line produces a long list of modules loaded;
> linuxefi is one of them. There is no 'grep' or 'more' or 'less' in Grub
> command line and obviously I can't scroll up to see the full list. I
> wish there were some kind of a log file with error messages to examine.
> I did not see 'samsung-laptop' in the list of loaded modules, but I
> think it's reasonable to assume that it is not loaded because it's not
> there when the system completes booting in the Secure Boot mode.

This is the list of *grub* modules loaded. samsung-laptop is a *Linux*
module. The two are unrelated.

If the samsung-laptop module was loaded for you when booting via CSM, it
will also be loaded when booting via UEFI, and there's a very good chance
that it will brick your machine when this happens.

So I do not recommend installing Ubuntu on this system using anything
*except* CSM unless you are willing to help test our fix which /could be
wrong and could still result in a bricked machine/; in that case you can
find candidate images at: