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Richard Wall (richardw) wrote :

What's wrong with reporting operational and website issues in Trac?

I guess there good reasons. I'd be interested to hear them if you have
time to summarise.

I think it would be much more intuitive if was
the single database of all Twisted related issues.

 1. Easy for bug reporters to find
 2. Single sign on (doesn't require *another* registration)
 3. Admins can monitor all new Twisted issues in one place.
 4. I find Trac ticket reporting much simpler and more intuitive than
    Launchpad - maybe just because I'm familiar with Trac.
 5. Simple Trac markup for formatting the ticket description and

On the other hand...

 1. Trac is a single point of failure.
    * If Trac (website) dies you can still get the configuration and file
      tickets about the problem on Launchpad.
 2. Trac is slow
    * Maybe you are trying to minimise the use of Trac to reduce the
      slow down.

= Ticket #6329 =

My original trac ticket was badly constructed,
"pydoctor does not generate
twisted.names.common.ResolverBase.getHostByName api documentation
because it is in an interface base class"

I'd reported the problem in Pydoctor. I wanted to make sure that Tom
(or someone) was aware that the problem. I created a duplicate Trac
ticket and filled in the Launchpad ticket field; thinking this would
be a way of notifying Trac devs when the pydoctor problem was fixed,
at which point they could upgrade pydoctor on the buildslave.

Alternative Options:

 1. Associate the ticket with multiple projects: I just discovered
    that I can associate a Launchpad ticket with multiple projects -
    as exarkun has done in

    I've now done this for another of my tickets:

 2. Or I could have created a separate ticket eg

    "upgrade pydoctor on bot-glyph-1 to support API documentation from
    interface base classes"

Anyway, I must admit I felt cheesed off when all my tickets were
closed "invalid" last week, but...on reflection, I was aware of
twisted-buildbot-configuration on Launchpad and I could have gone
looking for it. I guess I was just being lazy.

I also remember feeling curious about the Launchpad ID field in the
Trac tickets and wanted to try it out. I know it's related to
Launchpad integration with external trackers, but is that still used
by Twisted? If not, can it be removed to avoid future confusion /

= A Custom New Ticket Page =

How about customising the Trac "New ticket" page.
The Trac project does it:

If I can have "Wiki Edit" permissions on I'll draft an Edgewall
style NewTicket page.