Comment 1 for bug 901322

ct2193 (ct2193) wrote :

Given that the MacMini now has no network ability, several options are completely out. Considering security precautions, installing developer tools on a production machine is also not advised.

In the past, I have never encountered normal system updates that completely dumped manually installed drivers. Not sure if I got lucky or what, but I've updated the kernel before without recompile requirements. Not sure what the problem is. I suspect the fact that it's a Broadcom chipset doesn't help. It's the TG3 driver, so at least it's the popular one for Broadcom.

I had hoped I would see other responses by now too.

Neither Ubuntu nor TurnKey have responded to me either.

Considering that TurnKey is based on the most recent LTS and auto-updates, I find things like this complete BS.

Any ideas?