Comment 3 for bug 1818305

I'm trying to understand if DIB logs the results of the commands it calls somwhere. Without the logs we can only speculate. So let's speculate

the same command ran successfully previously. So it's not a change in the command configuration.

[sudo mkfs -t xfs -s size=4096 -L img-rootfs -m uuid=8a723932-d558-42d8-abe4-1e0473660bd4 -q /dev/loop0

- Sudo is not a problem here, another command runs sudo successfully just before
- /dev/loop0 should be present as stated in the logs above
- mkfs is a base command and should be present
- mkfs.xfs comes from xfsprogs that i already installed, as can be understood from the logs.
- xfs module should be present by default in all recent kernel, especially in RH based distros.

So I'm assuming the command is at least running , and then failing.
To my memory, I've never seen a mkfs fail if not for permission errors, or disk failure.