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Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 8355e76ca4d27305b48e38c1ad4c360b07a953a1
Author: Harald Jensås <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Dec 4 15:41:41 2018 +0100

    Calculate undercloud ctlplane DHCP allocation pools

    * Make dhcp_start and dhcp_end optional for subnet definitions
      in undercloud.conf.
    * Allow non-contiguous allocation pools for ctlplane subnets

    Calcualte the allocation pools by removing the local_ip,
    gateway, admin_host, public_host and ``inspection_iprange``,
    from the subnets full ip range. Allocation_pools for all
    remaining ranges will be configured. A new per-subnet option
    ``dhcp_exclude`` is added, a list of IP addresses or IP
    ranges that will be excluded from the allocation pool. For

      dhcp_exclude =,
                       ^ ip addr ^ ip range

    If dhcp_start is defined and dhcp_end is not defined (or vice
    versa) any addresses prior to (or after) this address is
    removed from the allocation pools.

    Make dhcp_start and dhcp_end options ListOpts to enable non-
    contigous allocation pools. For example, to create allocation
    pools: [{'start': '', 'end': ''},
            {'start': '', 'end': ''}]
    the following configuration can be used in undercloud.conf:

      dhcp_start =,
      dhcp_end =,

    A new method is added for remote_subnet_opts, same options as
    for the local_subnet_opts but without the defaults.

    To allow optional dhcp_start and dhcp_end for the local_subnet
    which have defaults defined, a condition is used to ignore
    dhcp_start and dhcp_end in case they are the default values
    and the cidr is NOT the default.

    Related-Bug: #1806512
    Related-Bug: #1807707
    Change-Id: I4ba148f465b4c452bd5b2c31009ac8a2897bcd5f