Comment 3 for bug 1710678

Alfredo Moralejo (amoralej) wrote :

This is how DLRN works:

When running the dlrn command it needs to create a mock configuration with all required repos to build packages. This configuration file is created on the fly by DLRN by concatenating several files:

1. First part is taken from scripts/<target>.cfg where target is an option in projects.ini[1]. By default this is centos.cfg [2]
2. Appends content of <baseurl>/delorean-deps.repo [3] where baseurl is an option in projects.ini.
3. If --dev option is used (as in tripleo gate jobs), content of <baseurl>/current/delorean.repo is appended [4]

I think the best option would be:

1. Create a file scripts/custom.cfg with all required content using repo configurations from /etc/yum.repos.d/ as at this point we have config files with openstaci-infra regional mirrors.

2. Create empty /tmp/fake-repo/delorean-deps.repo and /tmp/fake-repo/current/delorean.repo

3. Modifying projects.ini file with values:


urllopen can work with file:/// urls, so this theoretically would work.