Comment 8 for bug 1674011

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/ocata

commit ef4b5efff58dca36616a984b5753fefdf6793353
Author: Julie Pichon <email address hidden>
Date: Sat Mar 18 18:53:22 2017 +0000

    Remove '\n' linebreak from localised string

    This is causing the string to be created without end quote in the pot
    file, making it invalid and impossible be upload to Zanata. No new
    strings can be added to Zanata until this is resolved.

    Note that this doesn't seem to change the tooltip as actually displayed,
    as \n doesn't appear to be interpreted as a line break at the moment.

    Change-Id: Ic4c07aade661226a6a9cf3106a0dfae0586433a8
    Partial-Bug: #1674011
    (cherry picked from commit 21319952ddbe443d8f8018f54e5b93d5fc798ebd)