Comment 8 for bug 1188404

Sounds good, I am in no place where I can trigger this easily now, but
I'm betting Tiago could

On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 10:25 PM, Tony Espy <email address hidden> wrote:
> Just a quick update...
> I'm actually working on this bug now, and should not have left the
> Status as "InProgress" for so long without an update.
> The first issue is that we're definitely sending more
> REQUEST_DATA_REGISTRATION_STATE requests than necessary. This is due
> to the fact that both the network-registration and gprs rilmodem code
> cause these requests to be sent to RILD ( the former through a core
> netreg_watch by the core ofono gprs code ).
> I also think there's further room for reduction, but need to play around
> with the code some more.
> Hopefully I'll have a test package available soon ( maybe tomorrow ).
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> ofono between 30% and 40% CPU usage when roaming
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