Comment 0 for bug 1821165

Robin ├ůstedt (robin.astedt) wrote :

In texttestlib/default/batch/ method parsePlainChangeLog:

Here it parses changelog.xml (When it is in plain text format) by opening it in utf-8 encoding, but then when converting from a unicode string to a byte string it specifies ascii encoding.

Proposed fix:
- self.addUnique(bugs, self.getBugs(line.encode("ascii")))
+ self.addUnique(bugs, self.getBugs(line.encode("utf-8")))

This information is then used to generate an url so perhaps it would be good to strip the string of any non-url-safe characters. But, calling line.encode("ascii") for a file opened as utf-8 is definitely wrong.

Please note that this blocks the generation of the reports in our Jenkins jobs, and I could only fix it via a live edit to the installed library, so I'd appreciate if this could be looked on soon.