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Matthew Treinish (treinish) wrote :

Yeah I figured the different language runners and/or backends would be the issue here. I've never run this with anything besides python so I tend to have a biased view. Maybe if we the attr regex configurable instead? (I just realized I probably should add this to subunit2sql, sigh...)

I only care because I'm going to some effort to enable doing a 'testr load' with a subunit stream I generate with sql2subunit --average (which doesn't contain any attrs because it's from an aggregate view) in the openstack ci system. Since the test_id's in that stream don't have any attrs there isn't much point in loading the stream since no scheduler hints get used. (which was the whole point of the exercise)

I have other ways to workaround this (like taking a number of samples from the subunit2sql db and loading those streams instead of using the aggregate view) if this is a no-go, but it seemed pretty simple to address this in testrepository. (The long term fix is to have a sql repository type so this just works, but in the meantime)