Comment 1 for bug 646958

Jeff Albert (jeff-jeffalbert) wrote :

Known affected system:
Fedora 12, kernel
Gnome 2.28.2
Compiz 0.8.2-24
Compiz-Fusion 0.8.2-7

Reproducing the error:
1. Open a new gnome-terminal window on either screen.
2. Launch terminator from the gnome-terminal session.
3. Terminator will launch its new window on the primary screen.
4. Open a new gnome-terminal on the screen opposite the Terminator window.
5. Launch a new instance of Terminator from the new gnome-terminal session
6. Terminator will open on the primary screen, above the first Terminator window.

Requested behaviour (demonstrable in versions < 0.9):
New Terminator windows should open on the screen of their parent window.