Comment 3 for bug 1608297

OK, Some initial thoughts. Bear in mind I haven't actually tested it or anything.

Yeah, starting the plugin in the factory will be problematic/inflexible later on. i.e. at this point in time we don't have visibility of what Profile this terminal would be. It might make more sense in the set_profile method of the Terminal class, assuming we do decide that that is the best way to set this up.

I didn't write the plugin functionality, so excuse my ignorance, but I don't actually know the reason for having all the abstract(?) classes of the different capabilities as well as giving plugins the ability to have multiple capabilities (in the list class var). <shrug>

If you want to eventually merge this in, will need a proper GPL v2 only header as per the other files. See the plugin for a long version, or one of the others for the short form.

OK, so I see your method, and it is for now a simple hard coded string check but the rest looks good to me so far. So all of that will need a good thinking about, and coming up with a way to configure and change the strings/regexs/notifications/actions etc.