Comment 9 for bug 695437

halcyon (halcyon-wild) wrote :

Might be a bit late to this thread.

I am missing the Everything search engine functionality a lot. The everything search engine for Windows is here -

Synapse comes closest. Everything executes the file, if you press Enter. Else you can right click and choose other options. There is no option to right click and select further action in Synapse. This one feature will solve not just the above issue, but also similar issues with other file types. For example, if you search an audio file, just right click and choose if you want to open its containing folder, see its properties, or play it with default player.

The best part about Synapse over other similar tools is that it is easy to open with shortcut, press down arrow to see all results, scroll to the desired item in the result list using arrow key and press Enter. The next logical step would be to press the context menu key (or right click, if one prefers to move the hands away from the keyboard to the mouse).

Please consider.