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Bug #683550 reported by sojusnik on 2010-12-01
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Please make as soon as possible plugins for:

* Thunderbird
* Firefox (for bookmarks and OpenSearch Intergration)
* Tomboy
* the "locate" function, to search very fast for any file on your PC

Try to implement the best features from Gnome-Do and Kupfer and this app will rock them all!

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James Martin (tr4shb4t) wrote :

+1 for Tomboy support. Also, the 'Files and Folders' plugin is the one thing I most miss from Gnome Do. As for bookmarks, what about Chrome/Google Bookmarks?

Changed in synapse-project:
status: New → Triaged
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
Eduardo Rivas (jerivasmelgar) wrote :

1. Files and folders: It would be nice to be able to set depth of the files and folders search, as well as blacklist and whitelist. Right now it searches a lot of folders that are full of useless files (to me).

2. Open web address and Google search

3. Copy/Paste support, also, Gnome Do had a special text mode. If you pressed . (dot) after summoning it you could write plain text. Would be useful.

4. Send to Pastebin

5. Microblogging and (why not) status changing in IM/Social accounts

That's all I've got for now.

Alberto Aldegheri (albyrock87) wrote :


1. Do you know what's funny? Files and folders that it searches now, shouldn't be useless to you,
because these files are logged in Zeitgeist,
and that means that you used these files.
Btw, we are working to make this better :)

2,3,4,5. This plugins will be implemented asap!

Thank you for bug reporting! :)

Eduardo Rivas (jerivasmelgar) wrote :

Well, at least hidden files and folders shouldn't be shown. Right now I get folders starting with . (dot) in the results.

For firefox (or chrome/chromium) history plugin, you just need to install the firefox zeitgeist data provider (not yet in a package, you need to compile it manually); so you'd update your zeitgeist history with the visited urls ;)

Charlie Daly (cdaly) wrote :

How about a plug in for Claws email. Why an obscure email client? Well, Claws is to Thunderbird what Synapse is to Gnome-Do. Small and fast and neat. They would go well together.

Franko Burolo (fburolo) wrote :

another +1 for Tomboy support. :-)

Vadim Peretokin (vperetokin) wrote :

gnote, pidgin, virtualbox would be appreciated.

Eduardo Rivas (jerivasmelgar) wrote :

Remmina remote desktop viewer is default for Ubuntu Natty. Synapse should be able to open the bookmarks.

The opensearch and locate plugins landed today :) See here :

Eduardo Rivas (jerivasmelgar) wrote :

Yep, just updated. A quick question: is it possible to give Google search priority over Locate, or will Synapse learn the one that is the most relevant to me?

description: updated
Aibara Iduas (aibaraiduas) wrote :

The Google and Google Maps plugins are great. Any way to get a Wikipedia one? Though I suppose the number of website plugins could easy get out of hand...

as mentioned in the synapse wiki here
all this plugins are compatible
There are detailed instructions in the wiki page

Lyle Underwood (lyleunderwood) wrote :

"is it possible to give Google search priority over Locate, or will Synapse learn the one that is the most relevant to me?"

This! If I use Synapse to do a Google search eighty percent of the time, why should I have to scroll all the way to the right end and select Google Web Search from a list of searches every single time? the behavior in Synapse is a bit confusing to me in general, so bear with me here. What I would like to see is the following:

If Synapse recognizes the format of your query it would show the relevant action, obviously. But if there are multiple possible actions the most commonly selected one is the default and then you just hit the down key to go to the next most commonly selected. In the default case (in our theoretical switch statement) where no specific action is matched, any catch-all actions will be listed, like OpenSearch options, locate, run command, in the order of how commonly they're used.

Am I crazy? Also, I'm gonna take a look at the code and see if I can contribute in any meaningful way. I obviously still don't even completely understand the behavior, but I'll go through the code later.

Lyle Underwood (lyleunderwood) wrote :

Okay, I'm a fool. So you type in your query, and if it's MatchType is UNKNOWN you can hit tab and then down key to get to all default actions. I think the problem is that I don't really understand what tab does or what it is for. I don't get what opening the list does when you're not in this tabbed state and how it is different.

Filip Chabik (hadret) wrote :

It would be great to see some love for Zim ( as well as for Tasque (, Tasks ( and Dates ( (:

Tanath (tanath) wrote :

Need Pidgin integration like Gnome-Do, so you can type the name of a contact and go straight to a chat window with them.

Patrick Ulbrich (pulb) wrote :

+1 for virtualbox machines

S V N Vishwanathan (vishketan) wrote :

May I add a vote for evolution integration? Old versions of gnome-do used to be able to open an evolution message if you typed in the name of a contact. Also you could easily find a file and send it as a mail attachment to someone. Somewhere down the road gnome-do lost the ability because of some trouble with the evolution-cli library. See the bug

and also

I would be nice if Synapse gets a evolution plugin.

Tobe (tobeon) wrote :

I would love Synapse to support SSH Hosts like the Gnome Do SSH Plugin. Synapse could just index the .ssh/config file to get the Hosts, then you write '' and Synapse gives you the option 'Connect with SSH'.

Michal Hruby (mhr3) on 2011-01-17
Changed in synapse-project:
milestone: none → backlog
Charlie DeTar (chazen) wrote :

Another +1 for Tomboy. If someone has Vala chops, it'd be a quick hack to modify the "locate" plugin to use for Tomboy. The only difference is instead of forking a "locate" process to find files, fork a "grep" process in the notes directory. The following grep command finds tomboy notes by title -- e.g. for the search terms "my Note":

% /bin/grep -o -i -P -m 1 '(?<=title>).*my.*Note.*(?=<\/title>)' ~/.local/share/tomboy/

/home/username/.local/share/tomboy/46ae1613-a2a7-4ec5-b896-b6161e1aa2f5.note:My Note
/home/username/.local/share/tomboy/46ae1613-a2a7-4ec5-b896-b6161e1aa2f5.note:My Note 2

So the plugin could just split those results at the ":" and set the file to the left half and title to the right half.

Michal Hruby (mhr3) wrote :

I should note that Tomboy has a dataprovider for Zeitgeist, so if you have that Tomboy notes should be easily searchable using Synapse (though I'm not using tomboy myself, so can't tell if it's working properly or needs some finetuning).

michal maybe you should convert this bug report to a blueprint ?
That way it will be easier for you and us to summarize what plugins people ask for.
Also a list with each plugin's status would be great, for example i summarise the requests from this page only :

* Support SSH Hosts (~/.ssh/config) file --> status:TODO
* Thunderbird/Claws mail/Evolution --> status:TODO
* Firefox/Chrome bookmards --> status:TODO
* Tomboy --> status:DONE (through zeitgeist )
* "locate" function --> status:DONE
* Files and folders --> status:TODO
* google search --> status:DONE (through opensearch )
* copy/paste support --> status:DONE (???)
* Send to Pastebin --> status:TODO
* Microblogging/IM (pidgin/gwibber) support --> status:TODO
* gnote --> status:TODO
* virtualbox --> status:TODO
* Remmina remote desktop viewer --> status:TODO
* Zim ( --> status:TODO
* Tasque ( --> status:TODO
* Tasks ( --> status:TODO
* Dates ( --> status:TODO

hope the list above helps more than confuses. :)

Michal Hruby (mhr3) wrote :

Thanks Gourgi, I dont think converting this to blueprint is necessary, it'll be the same mess as here... But thanks for trying to clean this up (maybe the wiki would be a good place for a nice table with this).

Allan Shand (ashand79) wrote :

Don't know if its to late to add a plugin request. I would really love to see a Wolfram Alpha plugin as a replacement for the broken google calculator plugin in gnome do. Its one of the main reasons why I used gnome do in the first place.

@cowboy79 :
follow the instructions regarding the opensearch plugin from here: and replace the search engine with wolfram alpha.
you can use for example one of this search engines
i hope this is clear enough. if not open a question in the 'Answers' sqction here in launchpad.

@Michal Hruby :
i've created a page in synapse's wiki. review it and add it in the project's wiki frontpage if you want.

Kev (ukev) wrote :

What is required to use tomboy with synapse on ubuntu?

If not possible without hacking/self compiling:
+1 for tomboy

geoffrey (gkgeko) wrote :

get the Zeitgeist PPA from ; install the package zeitgeist-datasource-tomboy, then enable this plugin in Tomboy preferences. See also here: .

Hi all.
I've written an initial plugin for MPC/MPD.
How do I submit it for review?

Alberto Aldegheri (albyrock87) wrote :

@Bidossessi Sodonon
These steps will guide you to submit a merge request:
- create a new empty folder (somewhere)

cd the_new_folder
bzr branch lp:synapse-project
cd synapse-project

- now add your plugin (let say "mpd-plugin.vala") into src/plugins/

bzr add src/plugins/mpd-plugin.vala

- new open src/ui/synapse-main.vala and add a line in the method "register_plugins ()" inside the declaration of "Type[] plugin_types =" with something like:

typeof (TheNameOfYourPluginClassPlugin),

- now, close Synapse, compile Synapse, start synapse with "src/ui/synapse" and make sure that your plugin works

- then submit your code to launchpad with:

bzr push lp:~bidossessi-sodonon/synapse-project/mpd-plugin

- then look at:
- you'll find your Synapse branch, and inside that page you can propose a merge :)

Franko Burolo (fburolo) wrote :

There are no Zeitgeist datasource packages in Natty. This means no more Tomboy integration in Synapse... Or is there another way to do it now? I just started to miss my Tomboy integration...

Jeremy Munsch (jeremy-munsch) wrote :

Added PR for

* Firefox
* VirtualBox

Still to be done

* Thunderbird (for contacts, emails?) (emails would be a search for unknown because of the amount of emails)
* Kontact (for contacts, emails ?, calendar ?, events ?, tasks ?)

Jeremy Munsch (jeremy-munsch) wrote :

Added PR steam plugin

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