Comment 32 for bug 1365350

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/icehouse

commit 2c4622a28ea04e1c6b2382189b0a1f6cccdc9c0f
Author: Richard (Rick) Hawkins <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Oct 1 09:37:47 2014 -0400

    Fix metadata overall limits bug

    Currently metadata limits are checked on a per request basis. If
    multiple requests are sent within the per request limits, it is
    possible to exceed the overall limits. This patch adds an overall
    metadata check to ensure that multiple requests to add metadata to
    an account/container will check overall limits before adding
    the additional metadata.

    This is a backport to the stable/icehouse branch for commit SHA

    Closes-Bug: 1365350


    Change-Id: Id9fca209c9c1216f1949de7108bbe332808f1045