Comment 8 for bug 1300850

Sorry for the delayed response, apparently I didn't subscribe to this bug report.

@clayg (clay-gerrard): we had the defaults for those values and we have experienced the problem of un-reclaimable containers in one of our production clusters, that we've been running since 2011. I guess that being live longer increases the chances of the race condition happening, as more accounts have been deleted than in more recent clusters.

After a quick look I've counted 6 containers on that cluster, but I need to do a proper analysis of the logs to be 100% sure.

I agree that a proper fix would be better. We changed reclaim age as I explained in my previous comment, but it is hard to tell if it has solved the problem because we don't have that many accounts deleted and being a race condition it may or may not happen (even if the new configuration didn't solve the problem).