Comment 1 for bug 1300850

clayg (clay-gerrard) wrote :

I don't understand. Why aren't the container's reported_ timestamps getting updated during the reclaim period? The account server should respond 2XX to PUT container requests with x-account-override-deleted. Is the container-updater not able to cycle within the account's reclaim age?

If we're trying to handle the container-updater hitting an account that has already been reclaimed then the account server needs to catch the Exception coming out of account_broker.put_container and handle it. I think that it should be the job of the container-updater to recognize when is the right time to "give up" on updating the account's. For example; perhaps when the majority of account servers respond 404 (or whatever response is returned from the exception handler for put_container) and broker.is_deleted and time() - delete_timestamp > reclaim_age.