Comment 12 for bug 1282743

It is in the source code.
You can look through the source here:

The path in the source is: /src/Widgets/IndicatorMenubar.vala
So, to fix the bug you should download the source code, make the changes and recompile the program.

Good luck.

20.01.2015, в 2:37, Ben Larsson написал(а):

> I Would Like To Know Where I Can Find The IndicatiorMenubar.vala File.
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> Title:
> globalmenu moves
> Status in super-wingpanel:
> Confirmed
> Bug description:
> Hi, I am using super-wingpanel 0.2.3-0~184~ubuntu12.04.1
> I have the following issue:
> The globalmenu moves to the right when, for example, i have the
> terminal window and then open pantheon-files. If I close pantheon-
> files and reopen then the global menu moves even further. I guess is
> appending the menus to the left but i don't know why.
> I attach a screenshot.
> Thanks!!!
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