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At the moment, the Summit view allows you to "Attend This Meeting" or "Skip This Meeting". We should discriminate on the Attend, to essential and preferred as James suggests. I think the third level (would like to) is not necessary.

Then, perhaps you have a global settings you have access to around e-mail notifications. Default is you get notified for all Essential meetings and their changes only. You can then choose what else you have access to.

As James says, in theory we could also add that people want to monitor a meeting they are not attending. But I suggest waiting for user feedback to assess demand for that first.



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What is the use case for unsubscribing from a single meeting? I can
imagine wanting to get updates of different types to duplicate the
update notifications that we get from blueprints (for a meeting without
blueprints), but per-meeting seems very fine grained.

I was thinking that in terms of subscriptions we could have levels of
interest indicated by the user and the user could assign different
levels of email notifications to those, for example:

Participation essential
Participation preferred
Would like to attend
Not attending

I would suggest emails be triggered on events and that users get to tick
which events trigger emails to which levels of interest they have

In theory, you could mark yourself as not attending a meeting, but be
interested in it enough to be kept informed. I have no idea if anyone
would do this, but having a level of interest -> quantity of email you
want mapping would probably be nicer to manage for users as well as
being easier to code up.

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