Comment 3 for bug 302074

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 5:25 PM, Evan Boldt <email address hidden> wrote:

> What are the thoughts on this? I don't know if I can still implement the
> affiliates module, so we may not be able to reward for linking.
> However, the points could still be a reward for most existing types of
> contributions.

Agree, see my thoughts below.

> I hesitate to give rewards for participating in campaigns because it
> would be an incentive for lying about how many posters one puts up. It
> could be an incentive for submitting any participation at all, while not
> rewarding them for larger contributions.

I think this will be easier when the LoCo Directory shows up. It's the
Python backend handling LoCo members and structure we have been discussing
since day 1!

Campaigns should be our focus indeed, as a marketing site. The base you have
built there now will take us a long way forward! :-)

> Would this be a fun addition, would it just take up space, or worse:
> give users a reason to want to submit lots of poor materials.
I rather have crappy material (I am, for instance, not a designer but I
upload what I do) than no material at all. Let people upload what they want
and the votes they get will put actual democracy in what is shown.

This would make perfect sense, specially if you think of meritocracy terms:

   - Some people will get their material in the front page (ref: my mock
   up) because it has been voted to the top and stay there.
   - While new material could also be shown, but it will be taken away as
   newer material arrives.

Everyone gets fame, but what people likes the most is what stays on top.

We could have a top downloaded, top voted, newest, biggest etc category. A
SpreadUbuntu hall-of-fame much like the 5-a-day project.

Just an idea. But that's for Karmic+1 or even Karmic+2. Although we should
sthrive to have that in place before the next LTS.