Activity log for bug #805602

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2011-07-04 17:40:56 Zero bug added bug
2011-07-04 17:41:37 Zero tags aac bitrate quality aac bitrate quality tags
2011-07-04 17:43:16 Zero attachment added Track 11 shown sizes (output of ls -l) HQ song was encoded with faac while the other mp4 was with Sound Converter.
2011-07-04 17:58:39 Zero attachment added Clementine not showing tags.
2011-07-04 18:02:54 Zero attachment added File in mp3
2011-07-04 18:04:22 Zero attachment added File converted with Sound Converter
2011-07-04 18:05:59 Zero attachment added File converted with faac.
2011-07-04 18:11:24 Zero attachment added debug.log
2011-08-03 11:41:33 GautierPortet soundconverter: assignee GautierPortet (kassoulet)
2011-08-03 12:08:33 GautierPortet soundconverter: status New Confirmed
2016-01-24 16:28:47 Rick Gabriel bug added subscriber klaxian
2017-12-15 21:58:16 Sergey Kondakov bug added subscriber Sergey Kondakov