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Ihor Hordiichuk (hordiichuk) wrote :

[James A. T. Rice (james-r-ubuntubugs) wrote on 2020-05-19: #10]
I'm also suffering from only being reachable via legacy IP. It seems there are other canonical hosts within that legacy /24 that do have IPv6, can the same treatment not be given to

$ host has address
$ host has address has IPv6 address 2001:67c:1360:8c01::1b

[Kevin Otte (nivex) wrote on 2020-06-03:]
> How do you access IPv4-only resources from that system?
I don't. I am able to reach the Ubuntu package mirrors and all of my resources via IPv6.
[**Vivien GUEANT (vivienfr) wrote on 2021-01-20: #15]
My backend servers only have IPv6 (I don't have DNS64/NAT64 to access IPv4 resources because I don't have any need except Snap Store). I can access APT repositories, but not Snap Store (

I noticed interesting feature request on
"[Important proposal] Decentralized or Federated snap store operation structure similar ubuntu mirrors"

I believe we should urge canonical for start to work on "#1916392" instead this; actually it has more benefits, not only solve this problem. Snap CLI is similar to APT package manager and how it works so there's no reason for unable to have this!

This is workable with snap-store (gnome-software) GUI tool as also mentioned in the comment.