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Sly Gryphon (sgryphon) wrote :

@Daniel Manrique (roadmr) wrote:

> " You make it sound like it's just a matter of assigning an IPv6 address to a host and tweaking a couple of Apache configs. "

If the work around you suggested in 2017, by using a gateway works, then it *is* as simple as sticking an IPv6 address on the domain name(s).

Because that is what a DNS64+NAT64 solution does -- the DNS64 just simply assigns an IPv6 address (a special, local address), and then the client talks to that IPv6 address.

If it wasn't that simple (e.g. something internal to the snap client that checked the IP address format), then your suggested workaround would not work.

It might be more complicated than one public DNS entry, if you use,, etc, but not much.

Note that anything internal to the stack is not relevant and can remain IPv4, e.g. if API calls something else via IPv4 it is irrelevant, all that matters is public IPv6 addresses for the client to call.