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Kevin Otte (nivex) wrote :

Just had #1878679 marked as duplicate of this.

> How do you access IPv4-only resources from that system?

I don't. I am able to reach the Ubuntu package mirrors and all of my resources via IPv6.

> the end customer should not be the victim of that poor architecture

Amen! At SouthEast LinuxFest 2010 there was a presentation called "IPv6: No Longer Optional". In June 2012 we had the World IPv6 Launch. Snapcraft would not come along for another three years. IPv6 should have been baked in to the initial design.

Requiring every customer to maintain their own workaround to access the resources of a supposedly forward-looking technology company borders on insulting.

So while I appreciate that it is now "on the radar", I have little sympathy for the lack of forethought.

[The rest of this comment has been redacted as I've already done enough shouting into the void here.]