Comment 0 for bug 1859084

1. Build any snap which uses the network-control interface
2. Attach the interface
3. Install and run it on a Raspberry Pi 3 with Ubuntu Core 18 -> permission error

Here is an example:


Without attaching the network-control interface, mytest.add responds with

    Cannot open netlink socket: Operation not permitted

When connecting the interface, the action is executed as intended on every machine I tested, except the Raspberry Pi 3 running Ubuntu Core 18. Here, another error is displayed

    open: Operation not permitted

I tested the following configurations (clean images with refreshed snaps):

    Ubuntu 19.10 amd64 desktop (working)
    Ubuntu 19.10 server armhf Raspberry Pi 3 (working)
    Ubuntu Core 18 amd64 (working)
    Ubuntu Core 18 armhf Raspberry Pi 3 (NOT working)
    Ubuntu Core 18 arm64 Raspberry Pi 3 (NOT working)