Comment 3 for bug 1854046

Ian Johnson (anonymouse67) wrote :

Closing this with AsDesigned because the top-level (also known by me as "global") plugs/slots operate in two ways:

- as applying to all hooks and apps if _none_ of the apps and hooks declare plugs/slots
- as a "pool" of plugs/slots where individual apps/hooks can explicitly use each individual plug/slot from the top-level declaration and that plug/slot becomes "scoped" to that app hook and other apps/hooks that don't declare any of those top-level plugs/slots don't automatically get them

This case is the latter, where the lp-1854046 app is scoping the opengl plug, denying the plug to the install hook. To make this particular snap work, the solution is to either not declare plugs in the opengl app or to also explicitly declare the opengl interface as a plug.