Comment 3 for bug 1575593

Yeah, I'd totally like that feature as well.

As an outline of one potential solution:
- the path "inside" the snap is the usual man page paths, but relative in there.
- if man would just know that the binaries /snap/bin/<snapname>.command can be found in / the hosts man could pull it in
- using the function of MANPATH_MAP of /etc/manpath.config could do that (maybe via a /etc/manpath.config.d then)

But just "as is" this would break confinement - so we very would need a proper interface designed for that.

In general this might only be reasonable for classic, there snapd could provide such a wrapper.

Just wanted to document the thoughts so far - thanks to #snappy channel for some discussion already.

Surely has to be discussed by people with more insight into the snap environment, but it would be a really nice feature to have in classic environments.