Comment 10 for bug 1575593

experimancer (experimancer) wrote :

Also, a related discussion is where snap-installed apps place their configurations and how should they be accessed and integrated to host system.

An example of this is a 'youtube-dl' snap (and standard app) whose config as per its man page should be in /etc and ~/.config: "
       You can configure youtube-dl by placing default arguments (such as --extract-audio --no-mtime to always extract the audio and not copy the mtime) into
       /etc/youtube-dl.conf and/or ~/.config/youtube-dl.conf.",

but as I have it as Snapped app they aren't there but somewhere inside Snap-directory structure.

In this regard, I think that Snap-system is not architechturally mature enough to be ueds alongisde host system apps, cause their 'isolation' thingy breaks their normal usage patterns and configurations - and the man pages.