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Leo Arias (elopio) wrote :

TThis is for future work, when we get another review on the store error messages:

elopio | mpt: so, in this case, should the error message tell the user to send an email if she thinks the name shouldn't have been revoked? Or maybe point to the revoke reasons? Or just leave it without further explanation?
mpt | elopio, I guess it depends on how likely it is that it’s a mistake. If it’s quite likely, put the instruction in the error message. If it’s unlikely, delegate the instruction to the page listing the revocation reasons.
elopio | I think it's pretty unlikely that somebody revoked something by mistake.
elopio | matiasb: is it possible for the store to send us the reasons?
matiasb | elopio, it should be possible, I think
matiasb | I mean, a reviewer revoking the name must provide a comment, we should be able to include this information in the response; in any case, the developer should have got an email about it too, at that time