Comment 3 for bug 489528

Andrew (and471) wrote :


What I was trying to say is that simple-scan needs those keyboard shortcuts on the right, like what you have done with the rotate items.

>> The frame in which the preview is situated needs to have a border
>This is a UI element I am currently struggling with. I want the simple case (a one page scan) to look clean so >there is no border. However when you have multiple pages I need to indicate that not all pages are currently >visible. If you have good ideas/mockups please help!

My main reason for having a border is when the page is zoomed in, it just looks strange not to have a border there (see screenshot) I don't know whether you agree. About the multiple pages thing, if there are more page than is currently being viewed, I would have two arrows either side of the side of the DrawingArea, facing outwards. If there is space on the respective arrow's side, then I think it should become sensitive and then if the user clicked this, it would then scroll towards this direction.

>> Is there a need for the Save and Print button to be in the menu and in the content area?
>I'm thinking I should make it so to the sidebar buttons can be hidden from a preferences dialog - once you know >the options it is probably better to use all the window space for the scanned documents and the menus (and their >associate shortcuts) for modifying the document. Feedback?

Maybe make them a toolbar? And then have the ability to have that hidden from the view menu?