Comment 19 for bug 101440

Martijn Faassen (faassen) wrote :

"Unless there has been some cut and paste problem, my join operation was on a
space (it is on a space in the code I am using here)." you are right, I think I
misread your code somehow.

Some comments on your recent comments and code:

* I don't see the performance implications of my code. Why would my code produce
something more complicated than a lazy list? I added a '' which
demonstrates my code on a fake mockup DOM tree. It produces a list (actually a

* I don't see a reason to support the textStrip extension. Either we always do
it or never, but no need to configure this when calling and complicated the
code. I don't think we need to use any stripping.

* manually splitting on ':' in tag_in_p is rather inefficient and hard to read.
DOM supports 'localName' on the Node interface to get that information. The DOM
keeps this information directly internally as well, as far as I can recall.
Splitting off prefixes is a task for an XML parser, not for someone who works
with an XML API.

* no matter what we do, we need a testsuite for this functionality. :)