Extend the “section” tool to scroll the window content automatically while capturing

Bug #343674 reported by Mario Kemper (Romario) on 2009-03-16
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Mario Kemper (Romario)
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wdha (wdha) wrote :

I'd like to second that wish. To me this seems to be a very important feature.

@Vadim: How would you like to see this implemented? As an additional action (button) to 'selection', 'full screen', 'window' and 'section'? Called 'scrolled section' or 'scrollable section'?

I am working on a solution currently and I think this would definitely be a killer feature for 0.80.

Vadim Peretokin (vperetokin) wrote :

I'm not sure if it's too worth it to keep a non-scrolled section for a GtkScrollWindow.

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nomnex (nomnex) wrote :

I don't bring anything new but print screen of scrolling windows especially on small displays would nicely complete Shutter.

Implementation (could be something like SnagIt - from far memory) e.g Capture full windows, Capture displayed/on screen windows, Capture scroll full windows (i.e. part of the full window). Not certain if it makes sens? Full stands for the complete scrollable window and displayed window obviously stands for the part of the window on the screen.

Am Freitag, den 08.01.2010, 07:54 +0000 schrieb nomnex:
> I don't bring anything new but print screen of scrolling windows
> especially on small displays would nicely complete Shutter.

I am aware that this is an important feature, but currently I simply
don't have a good solution for this. If you know anyone who could give a
hint on how to manage this task please let me know.


Hm, not really. I've discovered several ways to scroll the window automatically, but the problem is to compose the the screenshots correctly.

For scrolling we could use http://search.cpan.org/~ctrondlp/X11-GUITest-0.21/GUITest.pm or http://www.semicomplete.com/projects/xdotool/ for example. After every scrolling action we could take a screenshot and stick them together when the end of the scrolling section is reached.
But there are several unsolved problems:

1) The scrolling is not the same in all application, e.g. firefox scrolls 50px and nautilus 35px when you use the mouse wheel
2) How to detect the last screenshot to take? I've a partly working solution here by comparing the screenshots...

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Michael Kogan (michael-kogan) wrote :

Maybe one could use the page up and page down keys? Maybe it would make the scroll length problem easier to solve (one scroll step would be not a full visible screen size but a bit less - but I think the thickness of the missing strip should be constant for all apps). The only problem is how to compose the last two shots since the last scroll step could be much less then a full visible screen size, but this problem exists for standard scrolling, too...

Pete Stucke (pstucke) wrote :

It looks to me like Snagit accomplishes a scrolling window capture this way:

1. Identify the window.
2. Compute the height/width dimensions necessary to display the entire window without scroll bars.
3. Change the target window's dimensions to match.
4. Capture the image.
5. Restore the target window's original dimensions.

HansBKK (hansbkk) wrote :

+1 on this very important feature

very much used to being able to get a scrolling capture from SnagIt

Even if you just facilitated getting the series with a little overlap between each would be better than nothing

Laura Harris (lharris) wrote :

Ditto! Would really love a scrolling capture feature. Thanks for trying to implement in a future version.

Ruslan (rulet3) wrote :

 5 year s past since the request. Does it still not implemented? SnagIT can do scrolling, but there is no version for linux for snagit.

This feature is the only thing that makes me prefer PicPick over Shutter. Any update on this ?

Hedley Finger (hedley-finger) wrote :

Just like to add the customary annual update for requesting this feature in August 2017. I would really like this feature and am surprised the scrolling controls are not available externally in the window manager's API.

Starbeamrainbowlabs (sbrl) wrote :

Something that requires manual intervention (e.g. select area that scrolls, and do the scrolling manually), would be absolutely fine. As a last resort, could "xdotool" be used to automate the scrolling?

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