Comment 3 for bug 717043

1) Sometimes disconnect reasons like "reset by peer" or "connection timed out" are not properly displayed, giving only "Disconnected from server" as message.

Example: one of my users regularly disconnects after 60 seconds, sometimes "Connection rest by peer" is given as reasons, at other times its just "Disconnected from Server".

  12:13:57 [-sBNC] User foe2 disconnected from the server.
  12:13:57 [-sBNC] Trying to reconnect to []:6667 for user foe2

Strace for this particular episode:

2) Even when proper errors are shown in the main log, they are never displayed to the user.

3) Sometimes when the connection is throttled by the IRC server this will lead to a connection timeout, instead of properly giving a "connection throttled" error.