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Bug #1647614: mutex class conflicts with mutex in gtkmm Undecided New 25 weeks

From: James Cowgill
Link: 01-mutex.patch


Bug #803385: seq24 0.9.2 doesn't respond to JACK Transport (JACK 0.12x.x) Undecided New 326 weeks

From: Lieven Moors
Link: seq24_bug_803385_patch.diff

make seq24 run again with newer JACK

Bug #696371: 0.9.2 segmentation fault on debian lenny 64bit Undecided Fix Committed 386 weeks

From: Guido Scholz
Link: seq24-0.9.2-lash-fix.diff


Bug #500716: [PATCH] Some usability fixes Undecided New 439 weeks

From: disabled
Link: some_patches.patch


Bug #431012: Synchro problems with Hydrogen Undecided Fix Committed 452 weeks

From: Killian EBEL
Link: seq24_patch_jack_position.patch


Bug #379699: crash when playing and running "aplaymidi -l" Undecided Fix Committed 470 weeks

From: Sebastien Alaiwan
Link: seq24_fix_crash_on_midi_event_decoding_failure.diff


Bug #317638: when I make a 'save as' seq24 craches Undecided Fix Committed 471 weeks

From: Sebastien Alaiwan
Link: patch_seq24-0.9.0-fix-save-as-crash.diff

Apply on 0.9.0. Fixes the crash when "saving as".

Bug #376146: load fail when file contains sysex events Undecided Fix Committed 471 weeks

From: Sebastien Alaiwan
Link: patch_seq24-0.9.0-ignore-sysex-on-load.diff

Apply on 0.9.0. Discards sysex events on load.

Bug #313944: PATCH: close seqedit windows with CTRL-W Undecided Fix Committed 490 weeks

From: Andrew Paprocki
Link: seqedit.ctrlw.patch

Close seqedit window when CTRL-W is detected

Bug #313931: Buffer overflow when opening the "Tools" popup Undecided New 490 weeks

From: Andrew Paprocki
Link: seqedit.patch

Changed num[9] to num[11]

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