Comment 2 for bug 1212174

Jon Proulx (jproulx) wrote :

This really renders paged viewing useless for any moderately sized site and needs to be addressed in some way.

Minimally by defaulting API_RESULT_PAGE_SIZE = API_RESULT_LIMIT (to effectively disable paging)

If back is possible in nova and glance (which at my site are the two most likely to benefit) then it should be done.

A search field would also be an acceptable option (filter only works on the current page) as this would allow finding know instances/images/volumes/whatever though that may have similar API level issues.

It seems there is agreement that this is a bug and not "invalid", though fixing it may be possible until work is done in other projects. So if none of this is possible at this time, but it is desirable eventually then I think the bug should be set as Low priority (since there's no Stalled option) and noted that further API work is needed (possibly opening bug in or blueprints for the relevant projects).