Comment 11 for bug 724541

Mystilleef (mystilleef) wrote :

Scribes is well thought out because of its community. It's
because of people, like you, who appreciate the project
enough to contribute and report bugs.

You could easily have said, "Screw this I'll just keep using
Gedit, or another text editor." Instead you reported a bug.
You pointed a new feature. And you even reignited my
interest in Zencoding again.

Now because of you, Scribes is going to have live updates
and one less bug. I'm sure if you could implement them
yourself you would. So how can I take credit for this?

This is just one example. Multiply this example by hundreds
of similar situations and you'll immediately see that
Scribes evolves through the community.

The fact is I can't compete with the brain power of the
community. I'm not __always__ right. It's okay to tell me
I'm wrong and you disagree with me vehemently. I might come
to the see the light 6 months down the road. It's happened
before, a lot.