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Bug #1708646: [documentation-fix] Typo in documentation for (exit) Undecided Fix Committed 2 weeks

From: Jay Bosamiya
Link: 0001-Fix-typo-in-exit-documentation.patch


Bug #1706516: Unhandled win32 DBG_PRINTEXCEPTION_WIDE_C (with patch) Undecided New 4 weeks

From: Elliott Pevzner
Link: dbg-printexception-wide-c.patch


Bug #1678307: Opened file which existed before a stream creation deletes on abnormal termination. Undecided New 20 weeks

From: Dmitry Igrishin
Link: 0001-Fix-OPEN-CLOSE.patch


Bug #1669658: duplicated stem loading machinery in cold/warm.lisp Undecided New 23 weeks

From: csziacobus
Link: 0001-Make-warm-load-use-build-order.lisp-expr.patch


Bug #1636659: ppc: failed contrib: concurrency Undecided New 43 weeks

From: Christoph Egger
Link: powerpc-concurrency-fix.patch


Bug #1600610: input and output buffers get out of sync in io streams High Triaged 44 weeks

From: Guillaume LE VAILLANT
Link: io-fd-stream.patch


Bug #309462: old CEILING patches Low Confirmed 46 weeks

From: Attila Lendvai
Link: patch-20010503-srctran.diff

a copy of the attachment from the mentioned email

Bug #695486: Pathname-directory :common returns names in wrong case Low Triaged 47 weeks

From: Neil Dantam
Link: diddle-components.diff


Bug #1604554: Fix SB-EXT:COMPILE-FILE-LINE Undecided New 57 weeks
Bug #1587983: CANCEL-FINALIZATION is O(n^2) Undecided New 63 weeks

From: Andrzej Walczak
Link: sbcl-final.patch

src/code/final.lisp patch

Bug #309471: pretty printer and prompt Wishlist Confirmed 82 weeks

From: kr
Link: sbcl-1-3-1-format-indent-after-prompt-bug-patch


Bug #1535175: translate-pathname: break with file version: :NEWEST vs. NIL Undecided New 83 weeks

From: kr
Link: sbcl-1-3-1-translate-pathname-bug-patch


Bug #1530687: Remove unnecessary synchronization code Undecided New 84 weeks

From: Philipp Matthias Schäfer
Link: 0001-Remove-unnecessary-code.patch


Bug #1531071: SB-UNICODE:WHITESPACE-P doesn’t return T like the manual says. Undecided New 84 weeks

From: Philipp Matthias Schäfer
Link: 0001-Clarify-docstrings-of-unicode-properties.patch


Bug #408889: MERGE is slow Wishlist Confirmed 109 weeks

From: rrl
Link: 0001-Make-MERGE-more-efficient.patch


Bug #1404315: Missing TIOCNOTTY Undecided New 139 weeks

From: Vasily Postnicov
Link: tiocnotty.patch


Bug #1399727: thread name visible in htop Undecided New 141 weeks

From: Tomas Hlavaty
Link: 0001-thread-name-visible-in-htop.patch


Bug #1395910: CAREFUL-SPECIFIER-TYPE isn't careful enough Undecided New 142 weeks

From: Kanru Chen
Link: 0001-Better-error-when-type-declaration-is-not-a-valid-ty.patch


Bug #1364524: fails header comparison check when using --host-location Undecided New 155 weeks

From: Wendall Marvel

rsync output/genesis-2 from host to target in

Bug #1335780: skip constant folding if floating point overflow Low Triaged 164 weeks

From: Jingyi Hou
Link: 0001-skip-constant-folding-if-floating-point-overflow.patch


Bug #309125: wrong free declaration scope Medium Confirmed 167 weeks

From: Christophe Rhodes
Link: fix-309125-and-tests.patch


Bug #659107: wanted: --external-format command-line argument Medium Triaged 172 weeks

From: Jéssica Milaré
Link: 0001-Add-external-format-comand-line-option.patch


Bug #1293637: Thread post-mortem in FreeBSD Undecided Confirmed 179 weeks

From: Vasily Postnicov
Link: sbcl-threads.patch

Fixes thread post mortem

Bug #1291525: Document suffixes for size command line options. Undecided New 179 weeks

From: Philipp Matthias Schäfer
Link: 0001-Document-suffixes-for-size-command-line-options.patch


Bug #1177986: ALPHANUMERIC/DIGIT-CHAR-P invariant broken with Unicode Medium Triaged 181 weeks

From: Krzysztof Drewniak
Link: 0001-Correctly-handle-non-ASCII-digits-in-radixes-10.patch


Bug #777346: Wanted: Make the condition reporter for TYPE-ERROR mention the TYPE-OF the datum Low Triaged 182 weeks

From: Krzysztof Drewniak
Link: 0001-Improve-the-reporting-of-TYPE-ERRORs-closing-777346.patch


Bug #1248181: Signals and Solaris High Triaged 198 weeks

From: Stas Boukarev
Link: sprof.diff


Bug #1241771: GC is very slow in the presence of weak hashtables Low Triaged 200 weeks

From: Ilya Perminov
Link: weak-hash-table-gc.patch


Bug #1038034: rare lockups/failures on (:SEMAPHORE-NOTIFICATION :WAIT-ON-SEMAPHORE) test Undecided New 205 weeks

From: Andreas Franke (FMC)
Link: wait-on-semaphore.test.patch

Patch for threads.pure.lisp (adding a new test).

Bug #496726: slot-definition-readers on a standard-effective-slot-definition Low Confirmed 211 weeks

From: Makarov Alexey
Link: 0001-Fixed-bug-496726-slot-definition-readers-on-a-standa.patch


Bug #1205148: Simplify restarts for symbol conflicts Undecided New 212 weeks

From: James M. Lawrence
Link: 0001-Simplify-restarts-for-symbol-conflicts.patch


Bug #806398: wanted: SUPERSEDE / OVERWRITE restart for :IF-EXISTS :ERROR Wishlist In Progress 213 weeks

From: Nic M
Link: open_error.patch


Bug #1203422: Remove unnecessary inhibit for floating point underflow for CLISP cross compilation. Low Incomplete 213 weeks

From: Nicholas Patrick
Link: 0001-There-doesn-t-appear-to-be-any-need-for-inhibiting-f.patch


Bug #1203260: Compiler fails with “The value NIL is not of type SB-C::NODE” on certain combinations of FLET, INLINE, APPLY Medium Triaged 213 weeks

From: Paul Khuong
Link: safer-inlining-with-mv-call.diff


Bug #308954: Wrong error from methodless generic function Low In Progress 221 weeks

From: Nick Levine
Link: patch-sbcl-308954.txt

Check whether there are any methods and craft the error message appropriately.

Bug #756926: missing REPLACE transforms for strings Low Triaged 227 weeks

From: MrOrdinaire
Link: 0001-add-REPLACE-transform-for-string.patch


Bug #1153309: Failed AVER from concurrent method calls Medium Triaged 232 weeks

From: James M. Lawrence
Link: 0001-Wrap-CLASSOID-TYPEP-in-a-spin-lock.patch


Bug #1028026: crash after clock reset Medium Confirmed 264 weeks

From: nixie
Link: lp#1028026.patch

Reinit internal system time if the elapse becomes negative.

Bug #1010646: Building contribs in parallel Wishlist New 270 weeks

From: David Lichteblau

Bug #981808: User-defined default bindings for new threads Wishlist New 279 weeks
Bug #722552: wanted: smarter CONSTANTP Low Triaged 286 weeks

From: Gustavo
Link: 0002-Optimize-CONSTANTP.patch


Bug #485718: wanted: (declaim (optimize sb-ext:type-check-clos-slots)) Wishlist In Progress 287 weeks

From: Gustavo
Link: 0001-Add-support-for-optimize-sb-ext-type-check-clos-slot.patch


Bug #897867: problem Undecided New 299 weeks

From: Martin Cracauer
Link: sbcl-submit-generate-version.diff


Bug #878163: problems with ~G in format Medium Triaged 304 weeks

From: Nikodemus Siivola
Link: g-format-patch.patch

Patch by Anatoly Raportirenko, unreviewed.

Bug #822658: mv-call optimization issues Medium Triaged 315 weeks

From: Nikodemus Siivola
Link: 0001-HACKHACKHACK.patch


Bug #736418: VALUES type specifier incorrectly accepts * Low Confirmed 334 weeks

From: Roman Marynchak
Link: 0001-Prohibit-the-symbol-inside-VALUES-compound-type-spec.patch


Bug #714289: SYMBOL-MACROLET behaves incorrectly in the presence of duplicate binding names Low Triaged 334 weeks

From: Roman Marynchak
Link: 0001-Signal-error-when-SYMBOL-MACROLET-bindings-contain-d.patch


Bug #741902: Patch: Simpler LOOP-HACK-ITERATION Undecided New 334 weeks

From: Roman Marynchak
Link: 0001-Simplify-LOOP-HACK-ITERATION.patch


Bug #556645: wanted: a way to have the compiler warn if it emits allocation instructions Low Triaged 336 weeks

From: Alastair Bridgewater
Link: heap-allocation-notes.diff


Bug #719585: Some iteration forms don't honor the principle that iteration variables are, by definition, always "used". Low Confirmed 339 weeks

From: Roman Marynchak
Link: 0001-Do-not-emit-a-warning-about-unused-iteration-variabl.patch


Bug #308945: nonstandard DWIMness in LOOP with unportably-ordered clauses Medium Confirmed 359 weeks

From: Roman Marynchak
Link: 0001-Consider-WHILE-to-start-a-main-loop-body-so-the-iter.patch


Bug #645140: static symbols not annotated in disassembly Low Triaged 359 weeks

From: Alastair Bridgewater
Link: 0001-x86-64-Display-referenced-immediate-constants-in-di.patch


Bug #632368: wanted: compiler macro expansion in later compilation stages (e.g. after inlining) Wishlist Triaged 363 weeks

From: Nikodemus Siivola
Link: 0001-allow-compiler-macros-to-take-advantage-of-constant-.patch


Bug #586940: wanted: better type errors reporting in PRINT Low Triaged 377 weeks

From: Roman Marynchak
Link: sysmacs.lisp.patch


Bug #309448: simplify types introduced during constraint propagation Wishlist Triaged 384 weeks

From: Paul Khuong
Link: type-widening.patch


Bug #485231: TYPEP source transforms can result in code opaque to constraint propagation Low Confirmed 404 weeks

From: Nikodemus Siivola
Link: annot-typep.lisp


Bug #313226: optimization: constraint propagation should be optional Medium Confirmed 425 weeks

From: Nikodemus Siivola
Link: 0001-optionally-reducing-constaint-propagation.patch


Bug #310117: wanted: *before-gc-hooks* Wishlist Confirmed 448 weeks
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