Comment 3 for bug 1132254

Faré (fahree) wrote :

Much improved patch. Removes the magic that appends code to asdf, so SBCL uses a pristine asdf.lisp from upstream.
Instead, creates one trivial .asd file for each contrib except asdf itself (so that it can be upgraded the asdf way).

Many tweaks to the contribs (mainly their .asd files, but not exclusively), so they build cleanly in this setup. Notably make sb-cover play nicely with logical-pathnames, and sb-introspect/tests DTRT with forcing the test file to be compile every time (so we can introspect the effects to (eval-when (:compile-toplevel) ...).

Also, moves all intermediate output from contrib build from contrib/ to obj/asdf-cache/

Also, creates a obj/sbcl-home/ hierarchy that is used as the $SBCL_HOME for Ideally, sbcl.core would be moved there, too, instead of being put in output/, and that would simplify some code.

Also, updated ASDF to 2.30.8, which includes some tweaks to make it all work.