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Michael McCune (mimccune) wrote :

I also experienced this error with a different system configuration. I am testing RDO/Icehouse with a custom Sahara/Horizon install. I get the same exception trace when trying to start a job against a cluster using the hdp2 plugin. When I changed use_identity_api_v3=false in sahara.conf, it started working.

According to the keystone v3 api docs, the endpoint "/v3/tokens" does not exist. It has been replaced with "/v3/auth/tokens" which appears to have a different format for the data it accepts on a POST. I was able to confirm the 404 error on the "/v3/tokens" endpoint using httpie. I was unable to get the proper format for "/v3/auth/tokens".

My feeling is that Sahara is creating the url for "/v3/tokens" but I could not find the code that produces this request. There were some hints that the url was being created by appending "/tokens" to a version number for the auth.