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Bug #1249145: rpmfc.c needs a typedef if neither sig_t nor sighandler_t are defined Undecided New 516 weeks
Bug #1243465: rpmio/fnmatch.c needs to provide __builtin_expect for non/old gcc Medium Fix Committed 518 weeks
Bug #1240717: psrinfo check in configure requires eval on Solaris Medium Fix Committed 519 weeks
Bug #1219109: rpmio/bson.h provide MONGO_INLINE and MONGO_EXPORT defines for Studio Medium Fix Committed 526 weeks
Bug #1218663: rpmgit.h prototype clashes with OpenIndiana headers Low Fix Committed 526 weeks
Bug #1209142: Segmentation fault of rpm -E on builtin lua without a macro body High Fix Committed 529 weeks

From: Jeff Johnson
Link: zen.patch

Bug #910708: rpm -Va --nofiles Segmentation fault High Confirmed 600 weeks
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