Comment 2 for bug 633208

From the one issue reported as a result of fixing this in Mandriva Linux, it in turn revealed a flaw in the packaging relying on what's generally considered as unexpected behaviour, which should rather be fixed in stead.
These cases are obviously few, easy to trigger and generally a result of "wrong" packaging practice that's both easy to fix and should be fixed.

For the issue that revealed the bug, it's not an issue easy to find by triggering it, and it's also a result of what would be consistent and the expected behaviour not behaving that way, which in turn makes these situations more plausible and easier hidden.

Analyzing metadata such as synthesis.hdlist.cz for whole distribution to fully investigate wouldn't hurt, and should probably be easy to do. IIRC we have some tools for these things in Mandriva Linux already, using the perl bindings also..