Comment 12 for bug 123460

Dennis (dennis-u) wrote :

hello all together,

havin' the same problem. I imported all my songs per smb from a NAS and can't change mp3 tag information. After some seconds all (one file, two files, multiple files) changes are reset to previous. Can't remember that it works before.
Using Rythmbox 0.11.2 and Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon.

Debug information:
(01:25:22) [0x80fb408] [rb_debug_init_match] rb-debug.c:153: Debugging enabled
(01:25:22) [0x80fb408] [main] main.c:171: initializing Rhythmbox 0.11.2
(01:25:22) [0x80fb408] [rb_threads_init] rb-util.c:460: GMutex isn't recursive
(01:25:22) [0x80fb408] [main] main.c:179: going to create DBus object
(01:25:22) [0x80fb408] [main] main.c:322: THE END

Hope this is usefull. If more information are required please tell me.