Comment 26 for bug 319423

michael000070 (michael-j-hays) wrote :

Three more reasons why not to encrypt :

- If you have multiple journals, there are times when you might want to search across all journals, to find a particular reference which you aren't sure which journal it might be in. Using an app such as Agent Ransack, all text files from all journals can be searched simultaneously for any matching words. Agent Ransack can also be used to do AND searches.

- If you want to merge journals together it is easy to do, just by copying the monthly text files into another journals folder. Also, there may be times when you don't have access to your main journal archives, and it is then easy to just paste the monthly text file back into your main journal archives, or append it into the last month.

- Data verification and security : It useful to be able to compare the monthly files with your backups to confirm that all the data is unchanged and uncorrupted. This can be done by comparing modified dates and by creating checksums of the data files.