Comment 20 for bug 319423

Jendrik Seipp (jendrikseipp) wrote :

I agree that encryption is an important feature and for quite some time I have thought that it should be added to RedNotebook. However, it takes time and experience to implement it correctly. Both of which I am currently lacking. If not done properly, users may assume their data is safe while in reality it isn't or users may lose their data just because the implementation is not thoroughly tested.

Secondly, I strongly believe in the unix philosophy that one tool should do one thing. Journalling is one feature, encryption is another. I think, we shouldn't pack encryption into RedNotebook if we can use other tools for this. This said, I know that using these other tools (e.g. encfs) is not straightforward for most users and maybe we can make using them easier, maybe even from inside RedNotebook.

For the time being I would suggest we collect and polish setup guides here that describe how to setup encryption on different platforms (e.g. boxcryptor on Windows, encfs on Linux). Maybe someone can confirm that the encfs setup guide from comment #19 works? Once we have the setup guides, we should include them in the RedNotebook help document.