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Benjamin J Norton (leomcsnarf) wrote :

This post is what I learned from a search on "how to encrypt files in dropbox" it's a little bit of a mashup... one part says "hit p when it asked for configuration" when it actually comes a little bit later... but it always works. Sorry I can't tidy it up... but there it is... I have my Documents folder linked to Private... where it's all encrypted in dropbox. My rednotebook config folder is also inside Private, so it's backed up, in dropbox, but it's backed up encrypted. Not exactly what the bug post is about... but this is what I got going.

2. Encfs

Encfs is a better solution than SecretSync because it stores the encryption keys on your local machine and it can work in Linux (natively), Windows (via BoxCryptor) and Mac (via MacFuse), which is great if you use Dropbox on more than one operating system.

In Ubuntu, open a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install encfs
sudo addgroup <your username> fuse

To create an encrypted folder, type the command:
encfs ~/Dropbox/.encrypted ~/Private

The above command instructs encfs to create an encrypted hidden folder (with name .encrypted) in Dropbox and mount it in the Private Folder in your Home directory.

When it prompts you for the configuration option, press “p” follow by Enter.

Next, it will ask you to enter your password. Be very careful with what you type since it won’t appear in the screen.

That’s it. Whatever files you place in the Private folder will be encrypted and synced with Dropbox.

To get the encrypted folder to automount everytime you log in, you can use gnome-encfs.

1. Download gnome-encfs to your Home folder. Then cd into directory in a command terminal

2. Type the following command:

sudo install gnome-encfs /usr/local/bin
gnome-encfs -a ~/Dropbox/.encrypted ~/Private

Option 1. Delete Documents directory from home.

Option 2. Then, while in home directory, in terminal create symlinks...
  ex. ln -s ~/Private/Documents

Option 3. move .rednotebook to ~/Private/Documents, from inside your home ln -s ~Private/Documents.rednotebook