Comment 23 for bug 346788

Andy (andy-localwebspace) wrote :

Thanks for this workaround folks, works a treat for me.
You can avoid the need to use save as and copying files by starting gedit with sudo and then opening the file you want to edit.

Alt-F2 to bring up run command
tick the "run in terminal" box
Type this into the command box

sudo gedit /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/RapacheGtk/

Type in your password

Scroll down to Line 79 (line number is displayed at the bottom of the gedit window)
Copy the following lines from here and paste them into gedit at line 79

        # HACK : work around bug @see
        if not Shell.command.ask_password(): sys.exit(1)
        # HACK END

Save the file in gedit

close gedit

I know nothing of python, and all credit for the workaround goes to those who already contributed in the thread. This just makes it a little more convenient to install for newbies (like me).