Comment 8 for bug 976817

Tony Byrne (tony-badwolf) wrote :

Hi Michael
 Actually I have come to agree with Dražen. The bin/project_name file has always had a path and environment manipulator for running in "trunk" a.k.a. source tree, but the introduction of gtk3 uses for this as well. I think this section in and

    datadir = os.path.abspath("data")
    if 'XDG_DATA_DIRS' in env:
        env['XDG_DATA_DIRS'] = "%s:%s" % (datadir, env['XDG_DATA_DIRS'])
        env['XDG_DATA_DIRS'] = datadir

actually belongs in bin/project_name alongside this code in bin/project_name

if python_path:
    os.putenv('PYTHONPATH', "%s:%s" % (os.getenv('PYTHONPATH', ''), ':'.join(python_path))) # for subprocesses

both pieces of code do similar jobs.

The section in and
if os.path.exists(schemapath):["glib-compile-schemas", schemapath])
looks ok where it is to me. I imagine a build command in pydev will need to do this.

The integration code I suggest go into quickly add pydev and best written by a pydev user (Dražen ?).

I would love to code a branch with this but unfortunately I broke a bone in my hand on Sunday so it's too hard.